Clean Up Your Garden With These Weeding Tips

Weeds are the common enemies of all lawn owners. They threaten to overcome your garden and potentially kill the grass and all the plants that you have worked so hard to grow and cultivate. As such, if you have a garden, you will regard weeds as your perennial foes and find and employ various ways and means to effectively get rid of them. Buy Weed Online

There are various methods of eliminating weeds from your lawn. The most common one, of course, is to manually pull out the weeds. But aside from this tried-and-tested technique, there are other simple yet highly effective ways to get rid of all the unwanted plants threatening to invade your lawn. Some of these tips and methods are the following:

Pour boiling water on the weeds. You can boil water for the sole purpose of pouring them over the weeds. Or when you boil potatoes or pasta, you can repurpose the boiling water by draining the pot directly onto the weeds that are slowly trying to invade your garden and even your patio. A splash of scalding water will shrink even the toughest weeds within a couple of days. Buy Weed Online

Douse the weeds with vinegar. Pour vinegar on the weeds or a mixture of half water and half vinegar or even the leftover vinegar from a jar of pickles, and they will be dead a few days later. Vinegar has been proven to be effective in exterminating weeds with long taproots such as dandelions, dock and plantain.

Smother the weeds. Cover all low-growing weeds such as clover and crabgrass with numerous layers of newspaper. The lack of sunlight will gradually exterminate them. Another tip is to put down layers of newspaper on the weeds and then cover them with mulch. This is a highly effective way of keeping weeds from sprouting up and it aids the soil retain moisture. Weed Strains

Use physical barriers. This simply means dividing and conquering your weeds. Use various types of physical barriers such as lawn edgings and retaining walls to keep unwanted weeds from invading your lawn or flower beds. These physical barriers will act just like fire breaks and are long-lasting solutions for helping keep weeds at bay. Order Weed online

Lastly, outnumber the weeds. All lawn owners should know that gardening is all about a competition for resources: the strongest will not only survive but also thrive. As such, by selecting ground covers, flowers and garden crops that will naturally out compete weeds for sunlight, water and soil nutrients, you can effectively keep weeds at bay. When you also maintain a thick, healthy lawn, you will have lesser weeds threatening to invade your territory.

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