Got Faith? Shepherd A Housing Ministry

Faith institutions are taking ground-breaking measures to respond to the housing needs of their parishioners and the community. Many have found themselves inundated with housing support requests that their mission ministries are extending beyond the basic benevolence support to housing-focused support. Intrinsically, faith is becoming the lifeline to housing.

Building a housing ministry requires a little guidance. Faith communities are employing different strategies to develop housing ministries that are practical and adaptive to their community needs. If your faith community is lacking ideas to cultivate a housing ministry, here are a few options to consider.

Transform Real Estate Assets Into Residential Opportunities

Make transforming your real estate assets into residential opportunities a mission. Many faith institutions own real estate that is vacant, abandoned, or underutilized. It would make sense to transform these real estate assets into long-term housing opportunities. Unlike many community organizations, faith institutions are very organized entities with the infrastructure and financial resources equipped to acquire and develop housing on their own or in partnership with housing developers. Additionally, many possess the political capital and political clout to address NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) issues.

Encourage Salvation Through Creative Housing Support

Inspire salvation by offering creative housing opportunities. Residential housing doesn’t always need to be in the form of bricks and mortar. It can be in partnership with local nonprofits or government entities providing housing or on your own. Faith institutions are creating homeless prevention and rapid re-housing ministries designed to prevent people from losing their housing; or to fast track people into housing once housing is lost by providing temporary rental assistance. Usually creative housing support is a separate ministry of the faith institution’s benevolence mission.  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Turn Mission Into Social Innovation

Retool and redesign old mission and ministry paradigms into social innovation housing models. Faith institutions have been pioneers of social innovation because they have been the first responders to social crisis and on the front lines of social causes. Faith institutions are altering their social programs to adapt to the changing social environment. For housing ministry, some are moving away from the traditional food pantries and feeding programs to offer more comprehensive services uniquely designed to secure housing and support housing retention. Examples of these ministries are stabilization sanctuaries, move-in and utility assistance, benefits advocacy, peer-to-peer mentorship, substance abuse and domestic violence counseling, and employment placement and career counseling.

Use Moral Authority and Moral Leadership To Advance Housing Policy

Take your faith credibility and integrity to a higher level. Faith leaders are respected and revered people of the community. So much progress can be made on the faith leadership front to promote more housing production, locating and siting of homeless centers, or even prohibiting practices that impede access to housing. Respectively, moral leadership can be a powerful tool to mobilize the community for advocacy, funding, resources, or awareness campaigns. Because of this leadership stature, faith leaders can be powerful moral authorities to change housing policy and transform communities.

Historically, faith institutions have been the heart of social assistance by providing support ministries. People on the verge of losing their housing are looking to the faith community for assistance to stabilize their households. Having a housing faith ministry in place can help meet the housing need and ensure that no one is displaced.


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