Features Of CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Features Of CNC  Hydraulic Press  Brake

CNC hydraulic press brake is powered by an electrical or hydraulic system. It is also attached with an AI program for accurate bending and precision on the raw material. CNC hydraulic press brakes can be purchased with a wide range of features. These include precision and efficiency, low fossil fuel consumption, and versatility. Let’s take a look at these key features. Once you have decided which type of press brake you need, you can begin to compare prices and specifications.

High precision:

A CNC hydraulic press brake uses a ram that drives the upper and lower dies against the workpiece. The ram presses the metal to a specific degree. The CNC system controls the ram’s movement to keep the press’s progress constant and consistent. Moreover, a CNC hydraulic press brake is designed to utilize a rigid guide to ensure a longer lifespan. It also uses automatic feeders to feed materials. It also includes a sheet metal straightener and decoiler.

High efficiency:

The high efficiency of the CNC hydraulic press brake is one of the key factors of CNC bending machines. These machines can more accurately process large quantities of materials than traditional machines. They also have many advanced features, including AC servo motor-driven back gauge systems, large daylight openings, large working areas, automatic CNC table crowning, and outboard-mounted long ram guides.

Low fossil fuel consumption:

The CNC hydraulic press brake uses a low-fossil-fuel system, allowing the press brake to operate at an energy-efficient level. It is an electronic control system that conserves energy by reducing energy consumption by up to 3,000 kWh per year during standby periods. The pressure brake’s hydraulic oil must be maintained properly to reduce energy loss during the working process. High viscosity reduces the efficiency of the hydraulic system, causing a high working temperature and a rapid temperature rise. It can even cause a phenomenon known as “cavitation” at the oil suction end of the main pump.


CNC hydraulic press brakes are a versatile tool that allows you to create more complex shapes and sizes with less effort. These machines can be configured to bend many different materials. They can also be programmed to automatically re-retract parts that do not fit correctly. Some models also have relief cuts to prevent deformation before producing the parts.